which of the following involves energy storage in the water molecule in the form of latent heat?

February 19, 2021

Heat is a very strong and versatile energy storage mechanism. So a person is just more energetic when they are in the water.

The idea of heat is to increase the energy store in the water molecule, or “chase”, by having a water molecule at the top of the water molecule. A water molecule is a little bit more than just the top of a molecule, so it’s important to have a good and stable high temperature, as opposed to a low temperature, which is just about the temperature of water.

So heat is a very strong and versatile energy storage mechanism. Heat is what happens when a molecule of water absorbs a heat wave. This is a relatively easy process to understand and you can find lots of good information on the web about it. However, the process of heat absorbing is much more complicated than you might think and can involve more than just water molecules.

heat storage in the form of latent heat is a very complex and well-known process in nature, like the melting of ice and the formation of ice crystals. The process involves water molecules absorbing the heat and this is why liquid (water) ice can form. It is a very stable form of energy. It is stable because it resists change in temperature and because it has a very high specific heat (heat of formation).

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