where does the convection current in the mantle obtain its heat energy

January 15, 2021

What the heck are you talking about? The heat energy is a form of energy that is constantly being released. The heat generated by a hot surface is just another form of energy that we should be aware of. Whether you’re getting a hot car, a hot roof, or a warm body of water, you should be aware of your environment.

The convection current that you’re referring to is a little-known fact that occurs near the surface of the earth. It’s the flow of hot air that occurs at the surface of the earth. It’s like the hot air trapped in a car engine. The heat energy travels up the atmosphere and then falls back down to the surface of the earth, and that is where you see it.

In the end, it’s the water that is the primary heat source in our world. When the water is heated, it is the primary heat source. It’s also the heat that is produced by the air that is under pressure. Sometimes the heat is from an outside source, such as the air we’re being moved into. It’s not always the air that we’re being moved into, but you know the air that’s trapped by the air we’re being moved into.

Another very cool thing about convection currents is this phenomenon of the water beneath the rocks and/or sand being pushed out because it is convecting. It also is the main heat source for plants. And plants produce a lot of heat that goes into the water to produce the heat that is used for things like growing plants.

I’m not sure if I really understand this very well. You might even say that the convection current and or water beneath the rocks and or sand are the main reason why water is heated the way it is. They are not, it is actually the water that is heated. But I don’t like to get too bogged down in explaining things in detail.

The convection currents in the mantle of the Earth are actually the source of the heat energy that is used to drive the solar system. The mantle is actually a thin layer of molten rock that is under the outermost layers of the Earth’s crust. The convection currents, or convection tubes, can carry heat from deep inside the Earth’s mantle down to the surface. The convection current is an ocean current that can carry heat from inside the Earth’s crust to the surface.

The convection currents are often referred to as the “convection” or “convection currents”. The latter term is actually a misnomer because the convection currents are actually the cooling currents that are driving the evolution of the Earths crust.

The question, “How does the convection currents work?” is a bit vague, although I would say that the convection currents can provide heat to the Earths crust from deep inside it. The problem is that these currents can carry heat from deep inside the Earths mantle down to the surface, which can cause the entire Earths crust to boil off. The convection currents are actually the primary means by which the Earths crust cools down.

I’m not talking about the cooling current in the mantle that causes the crust to boil off, I’m talking about the heat that’s being transferred down by the convection currents to the Earths crust.

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