what is the change in energy if the electron from part a now drops to the ground state?

January 30, 2021

I’m guessing that the electrons from the part a of the double-helix system will have their energy stripped from them.

The result of this is a new energy state with no energy. That new state would have no net charge, and no charge at all would be created (like the negative charge in the electron of a positive ion). Because the electrons aren’t attached to anything, they would simply be floating around in the vacuum.

I get that the electrons of the double-helix system would have been tied to a much earlier state. I guess the second state would have been a bit more stable, but the electron isnt attached to anything.

The electron would have been attached to the hole in the double-helix system, and its orbital angular momentum would have been changed. That would have been different from the hole in the double-helix.

this is very similar to the double-helix theory of the “electron-hole” pair. I can’t believe it when I read that sentence, but the electron of the double-helix has been connected to the hole in the double-helix to form a single state.

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