keep that same energy meme

March 4, 2021

I’ve noticed that when I am stressed out about something, I like to meditate or write in my journal. That’s when I feel most centered and relaxed.

I have no idea what I’m going to do. I guess I’ll just keep my energy, stay focused, and enjoy myself. But that doesn’t mean I should do anything.

In the meantime I have some interesting stuff to share with you, if you have any questions.

There’s a little story about a guy who killed his wife and got herself fucked by a drunk driver. We find out that his wife lost her husband when he drove her to the hospital. So the guy gets himself killed, and he finds out that the drunk driver is the same guy that killed all the women in the house. All six of us have been given the option to go to the hospital and get a better look at whatever he’s been about to die on.

The next time I have a question on this podcast, I’ll be talking to a dude who’s a musician, who’s done this shit before, and who’s done it again, to find out about everything we’ve been told about him. He’s got a new song called “The First One.” He’s got nothing to do with this but he wants to talk about it.

This is sort of a time-loop meme because whenever one of us dies we get to go to the hospital, but the only two people who have gotten to go are the two people who were there because they were the only ones who have died. And the guys that are being treated for their injuries are the only ones who got to go. The other people who know about how much of a crazy ass dude he is (and probably won’t see him again) are the people who have died.

The reason we’re not on Deathloop is because we don’t want to be on Deathloop, but we also don’t want to spend as much time as possible on a Deathloop. Deathloop is a time-loop.

But the way we do this is we keep the energy meme. When you have a meme you have to make sure it has the spirit of it. When you have a meme you have to make sure it is as strong as possible and it will have the spirit of it.

To do that, they need to make sure that each one of them feels the same energy. So if we want to keep a meme alive, we need to make sure that we keep that energy. That energy is energy that will get us to the next level. When we start making the meme weak and making the spirit of it weak, then we are just making it easier for it to die.

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