in what form does all radiant energy travel through space?

February 5, 2021

I am most definitely not a scientist. I just wanted to do my homework.

I see plenty of potential places to go in this one.

The answer is that we don’t really know. Though it has been suggested that the majority of our energy is either gravitational or electromagnetic, some scientists think that it is mostly electromagnetic. The energy from the sun can be used to create gravity, and the energy that surrounds us is mostly electromagnetic. So we’re still not sure how all the stars in our universe are all connected.

I don’t really know either, but I’m going to assume that the answer is that most of our energy is electromagnetic.

On the other hand, there is a bit of physics to this: If we were to build a massive solar powered home, wouldn’t we have to worry about how the house is built? Because it has to be a solar powered house, and we have to build it to be able to maintain it to the required degree of perfection.

It’s hard to know how much of our energy is electromagnetic and how much is kinetic and how much is gravitational, but I’m guessing from what we’ve studied that the answer is “most of it.” And it’s not just stars, we can learn a lot about our space around us by studying how much energy is in a region of space that is easy to measure, and this can include the sun.

Even though we know that the sun emits energy, the amount that we can see it, is much less than the amount its actually emitting. It’s like asking how much water you drink, and measuring it out in gallons.

The sun is a lot easier to see than stars, and the amount of energy it emits is also less. Its energy is also less because there is less of it. That means that the sun (and other stars) have less gravitational pull, and thus energy, and that means that the majority of energy is now being drawn into our bodies.

The sun’s gravitational pull is what makes stars and all things in space move around. It is also what makes all matter in all of space attract all things in space, and that means that when the sun is at its highest, we are also drawing in the most energy and are drawing in more.

This is why it is that the sun is so bright right now. The sun is drawing energy from the matter that has been created, and the sun is drawing in the energy from everything that is now around us. So when the sun is at its highest it is drawing in energy from everything. What’s important to note is this energy is just energy. There is nothing in its form that is being drawn by the sun. It just is.

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