energy constructs

April 30, 2021

We all have a set of beliefs about what energy construct(s) we want to live by. These are more like principles, habits, and values that help us to live by in our everyday lives. For example, we may want to live by the rule that we are supposed to do as much as possible for our own survival. This is often called the “energy construct” of the “Do-As-I-Say-So-I-Do” principle.

I think it’s actually the other way around. We want to live by the energy construct of the Do-As-I-Say-So-I-Do principle. It’s easy to forget that our own survival doesn’t necessarily come first, so we need to find ways to do less so we can do more. In deathloop we kill off Visionaries, giving ourselves a chance to grow and become stronger.

When we kill Visionaries we gain a little bit more energy. We also gain a little bit of time. That’s the way we prefer to live. But this goes against the energy construct of the Do-As-I-Say-So-I-Do principle because we’re now stuck with a long time until we can grow and become stronger.

This goes back to the point in the article that we need to look at how we live to do more. In deathloop we have a chance to grow. We get a little more time. We gain a little bit of energy. We can do something that was originally a mistake. But this goes against the energy construct of the Do-As-I-Say-So-I-Do principle because the idea is that we need to do less to do more.

In the world of Deathloop you have a chance to do an awful lot, and in the world of Do-As-I-Say-So-I-Do you have a chance to spend a lot of your time doing a lot.

A lot of energy constructers are able to build a whole life out of a little bit of energy. This is not the case for everyone. One of the most popular energy constructers is the man known as the “energy construct of death,” Colt Vahn, whose only goal is to get as many kills as he can. The problem is that Vahn has become addicted to killing.

He’s one of the most famous energy constructers (of all time) and he’s been doing almost all of his life building on the internet. You think maybe he was obsessed with killing so many people that he just decided to create a new energy construct, that he could use to do all of his things. You think that’s not his problem.

Thats a bit of a stretch, but Vahn has been a prolific builder of weapons, armor, and other sorts of devices that turn himself into a man capable of killing millions of people. When he first joined the team of Visionaries, he was a man who had been making weapons out of various materials for six years. He was making them for himself, and in the process he was destroying the lives of thousands of people.

I don’t think Vahn is really a problem. I think a lot of people who find themselves in Vahn’s position are trying to escape the life of being a normal human. It’s a bit of a trap that Vahn has set for himself, but like I said, I don’t think he’s a problem.

Of course, we don’t know all the details about the Visionaries, but we do know that they can take over other people’s lives. They can be very destructive and manipulative and they are very strong and can take the form of “energy constructs.

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